What I Wore on Potty Training Day 2


pleated poppyDo I even want to go into the details of day two of the best spring break ever? Please tell me you sense the sarcasm.

DSC_0825Unlike Monday, where I was able to shower before the girls got up, I barely got my shower because Tucker decided to let the girls out of their room even after I told him to wait until I got a shower.  Potty training outfit: all via Old Navy.

DSC_0824I had sat Lexie on the potty before I got in the shower and she continued to sit there while I blow dried my hair & dressed for the day. She never did go, so I got the girls and Tucker dressed for the day and we made breakfast.

After breakfast I had Lexie sit on the potty again, this time with my iPhone to keep her company. She loves this “monkey game” where they teach letters, colors, puzzles, matching. While she was playing the game she finally went! We did the whole sticker, skittle, hugs, & phone a friend. She called Paps, again. Then we all headed outside to play in the front yard for a while.

DSC_0831When we came in, we painted & colored and then I made l lunch. The kids were hungrier than Monday, probably because they woke up a little earlier than day one. After lunch, I tried to get Lexie to use the potty again and it was a no go. Pull-ups went on & nap time started.

After naps, Lexie woke up dry (as usual) but didn’t do anything special on the pot. After Mike got home, he took the kids outside to play while I  cleaned up and we started grilling dinner. What happened you ask? Yes, Lexie had her first accident on the play set out back. Lucky Mike got to clean her up. Pull-ups went back on before bed and we’ll see where day three gets us today. I’ve heard from many others that it’s like a light goes off on the third day, and I’m really praying that happens for us!


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3 Responses to What I Wore on Potty Training Day 2

  1. Cecilia says:

    Found your blog while blog surfing! My girls are Lexi and Lyla too! Your kids are precious. Good luck with potty training. My Lyla still won’t poop on the potty.


  2. Kristi H says:

    I’m amazed at how long they can hold it! That will be a good thing when they’re trained! A&A had to go 3 days bare-bottomed before they could stay dry in panties. (My nieces were the same way.) Good luck! I bet it won’t be long now!

  3. Love and adore your outfit and enthusiasm! Thank you for providing such fashionable inspiration.

    Have a well dressed day!

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