10 on 10: April

This months 10 on 10 brought to you via my iPhone. Here ya go.

                 20120410-210332.jpg      20120410-210338.jpg

{ONE} 6:23 am-Getting ready for the day

{TWO} 8:22 am-Hand in hand with my big boy on his way to class

                 20120410-210553.jpg      20120410-210602.jpg

{THREE} 10:35 am-Gingham screams spring. I got this dress last year on a Target clearance rack for like $8

{FOUR}  12:19 pm -The picture my mom sent me of the girls picking up Tucker from school, she’s taking after her Uncle Alex who used to wear boots & goggles everywhere he went

                 20120410-220857.jpg       20120410-220904.jpg

{FIVE} 2:44 pm-The blur of students packing up between math & science

{SIX} 4:50 pm-This is my I-didn’t-go-grocery-shopping-what’s-for-dinner-face on my drive home

                 20120410-220913.jpg        20120410-220920.jpg

{SEVEN} 6:12 pm-Dinner is served. Ha!

{EIGHT} 7:27 pm-Walking our babies & riding his bike}

                 20120410-220927.jpg       20120410-220933.jpg

{NINE} 8:10 pm-Brushing his teeth before the girls ambush the bathroom. He’s learning young that girls monopolize it

{TEN}  9:01 pm-Yes, yes, I am

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2 Responses to 10 on 10: April

  1. Kelly says:

    Great day of pictures!

  2. angel says:

    Haha, Saved by the Bell!
    I’m pretty sure I watched every episode waaaay back when.
    The goggles are adorable.
    Kids on the sidewalk is prob my fave. Such cutie pies and great perspective!

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