Easter Recap 2012

Or, better titled, so-many-pictures-for-purely-my-benefit post.

Easter is probably my favorite holiday, simply because it’s the easiest to negotiate between where we spend our time. We’ve always done church & breakfast with Mike’s family and spent the rest of the day with my family.



Our Easter festivities really started on Saturday. The Easter bunny decided to make his visit during nap time, because of how early we get up for Easter Mass on Sunday. The kids really don’t get to play with their Easter goodies on Easter so this way they were able to have more fun. That evening we dyed our eggs and I made devilled eggs, poppy seed pastries, and pasta salad for Easter with my family the next day.



On Sunday went to our traditional 7:30 mass at Mike’s grandpa’s church where the kids were really well behaved. It’s so hard to take three little kids to church and really pay attention to the message of the mass, so attending church weekly is honestly something we don’t do. When the kids are a little older and can sit and listen on their own we will make it a weekly thing along with the kids attending their CCD classes for first communion and eventually confirmation.



After church we headed over to Cracker Barrel, our traditional Easter breakfast spot. The kids love the pancakes and testing out the rocking chairs out front after breakfast. We always take a family picture out front as well, yet another Easter tradition.



We said goodbye to Mike’s family and headed over to my parents house to let the kids open their Easter baskets from Nana & Paps, take a few more pictures, and then headed to my Uncle Gus & Aunt Jackie’s house for the rest of the festivities with my ‘Big Fat Greek Family’. This was a special Easter because it was the first one my mom didn’t work (she works at Sea World part time & has done so for over 30 years!) since we had Tucker!



We ate lots of food, talked way too much, the boys fished, some people played Apples to Apples, and the kids enjoyed an egg hunt in search of a total of 146 money-filled eggs. Tucker’s practicing all last week paid off when he found the most eggs, beating Kali who’s almost seven, with a total of 50 eggs! This was the first year Kendall, whose now in the double digits at the age of 10, didn’t participate in the egg hunt. She did however agree to hide the eggs and wouldn’t mind if her mom & dad or her Nana & Pop compensated her for a job well done! Too funny! She actually did a great job helping the girls find eggs!






We had a great Easter and loved spending it with all of our family. The kids were so tired last night that not one of them complained when we said it was time for bed!

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    GREAT pics! I love the ones of your family of 5! Precious kiddos ~ Beautiful family!
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