1. The girls drinking their melted shaved ice with nana.

2. Friday is Family Movie Night in our house more often than not. Happy Feet 2 was our movie of choice last week.

3. Love this new app…Versagram!

4. My new “diaper” bag. It’s really a purse that I’ll use as a diaper bag, but hopefully not much longer if Lilah would ever let us potty train her!


1. Tucker leading the way on our walk.

2. Sunset. Gorgeous.

3. This girl. Our 29 weeker. Didn’t walk until she was 21 months old. She’s obviously a reformed daredevil now.

4. Lexie laying back watching her sister do stunts.


1. Family Movie Night turned into Margarita Night for the hubs & I after the kids were in bed!

2. I mowed the grass on Saturday morning thus earning my a yummy iced coffee as my reward.

3. Instagram > twitter in my book. What do you think?

4. Silly kids. I guess no one ever told them opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck!


1. Washing cars & having a picnic in the garage. Perfect day.

2. Pinterest Dessert = Get in my belly. Some Nutella, some PB & chocolate chips. Powdered sugar? Reminds me of Flowers in the Attic. I promise, I wasn’t poisoning my kids.

3. Visiting first grade while my intern is observed makes me realize why I love fourth grade so much & will never go lower again.

4. Mexican ravioli. Easiest dinner ever. Will add black beans next time though.


Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day was a yummy, before dinner, treat for the kids, nana, and I. Try their new Greek frozen yogurt…it was good!


1. My outfit on Wednesday made me happy inside. All the bright, spring colors.

2. Taking our babies for a walk while Daddy & Tucker were running an errand.

3. Little Momma.

4. This picture has a funny story. On Instagram someone asked me, “Are there two?!” I replied, “Yes, you are seeing double. We have twins” Another twin momma replied that she loved the fact this picture was playing mind games on unsuspecting viewers!


1. The cows behind our neighborhood.

2. Lexie mooing at said cows behind our neighborhood.

3. I think a toddler has been here.

4. Tucker in his rain coat back pack. It was just barely sprinkling and he loved wearing it!


1. Tucker’s fun run booster-a-thon for school. He had told me that morning, “Mom, I’m gonna win the race!”

2. We are serious about our egg hunts. We’ve been practicing all.week.long.

3. Lit a candle in remembrance of sweet baby Grace last night.

life rearranged

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  1. Jeanette says:

    That is a heck of a lot of photos! I do love me some Instagram. Your littles have the sweetest faces 🙂
    Jeanette recently posted..Dear Brain, Please StopMy Profile

  2. Very pretty with the Instagram. I need to do more of this!
    Redhead Baby Mama recently posted..My Pinterest Project: Easter (Robin’s) Egg Nests TutorialMy Profile

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