Kitchen Renovation in Phases

I’ve been meaning to post about our on-going kitchen renovation for some time now.

We’ve currently completed two phases out what might be four phases total by the time we are done. Obviously, with having a house that is just barely two years old, there’s really nothing wrong with our kitchen. But, me being me, is always looking for some sort of change.

Not long after we moved into our house, we I painted the kitchen red. I’m all about color and paint is the easiest & cheapest way to transform a space. The red though, started to wear on me the last few months and quite a few inspiration kitchens from Pinterest led me in a new direction.

Phase one was painting the kitchen from the old red to the new color. Coffee creamer by Better Homes & Gardens to be exact.

Show us Your Home-Kelly's Korner7

Phase two was adding board & batten. By far, a HUGE change and because it looks so nice, has left us a little stalled out in the renovation department. It’s enough for now, and phase three will come when I get the courage to start it. Because, what I want to do next will take lots of courage.


Thinking about adding board & batten to a space in your house? Super easy and very affordable. I’m all about doing things on a budget. I’ve loved making our house a home since signing the mortgage papers two years ago and am always looking for new things to do to enhance it. Luckily, I have a handy husband that usually loves the finished product of all my crazy ideas.

Our house could be like any other run of the mill builder-grade houses but we’ve worked hard at adding little touches to make it more like a custom-built home.


Step one: Paint your wall the color in which you want your board in batten to be. Ours, obviously, the usual white. I used a satin based finish, with the primer built in (cost: about $28 per gallon).

Step two: Run a laser level (if you have one, they make so many projects so much easier!) where you want to run your top trim (cost: about $1.39 per foot). Then mark out where you want to run each vertical piece of trim. We did ours about a foot apart each, but had to make changes in some spots, such as the corners. (cost: $2.15 per 1 in. x 2 in. x 6 ft. that is also primed)

Step three: Cut the 1×2’s the length you need. Ours were five feet tall so Mike had to cut off a foot on each piece. Using a level & a nail gun, nail them to the wall in the pre-chosen spots.

Step four: Using clear Loctite Power Grab (cost: $2.80 per tube) glue the top trip above the finished 1×2’s. We chose to glue the top trim over nailing it in for two reasons. First, I wouldn’t need to patch any holes and second, the nails Mike had at the time weren’t long enough to hold. This stuff works great, it sets instantly but is completely dry in 24-hours.

Step five: Sink the nails in the 1×2 pieces and follow up with caulk in those spots and along all the edges in order to make a finished edge. Complete this step by putting a final coat of paint on all trim pieces.


Notice, I still have the little alcove above the pantry door to paint. I’ve been meaning to get the ladder out & take care of that area but just haven’t yet. The red doesn’t look too bad for now, so until I get it done it works.


We used the board & batten as the backsplash as well in the kitchen. I love the fresh look it gives to not only the whole kitchen, but especially that area as well.



The black door has got to be my favorite thing in the whole kitchen. I’ve actually painted the back of our front door (the front side is a color to match the trim on the house) our bedroom door, and our master bathroom door black since then as well.

So, if you add up what we’ve spent so far on the kitchen renovation, it is just under $200. If that isn’t a bargain, I don’t know what is!


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