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Man, am I horrible at featuring some of my favorite posts lately. I guess it’s good if I get at least one Momma Fancies in a month, because that’s about as good as I’m doing lately. I need to plan ahead, and work on the post little by little during the week, instead of waiting until Sunday morning to do it all. Sunday morning when I want to just rest & relax (well, most Sunday mornings. Today, crazy me offered to mow the front yard for the hubs, no resting & relaxing here).

I may feature a few more than five posts this week, seeing as I haven’t featured any in quite some time. Remember, if you’re featured, grab the button below and share on your blog as well!


  • The kids and I started decorating the house for Spring yesterday. We made a plastic egg garland for above one of the windows and when I had Mike go pull out all of my other Easter/spring goodies, he came up empty handed. Somehow, he’s misplaced all of my spring stuff, minus one lonely devilled egg platter that I usually display on a plate stand. This means I’m in need of some decorations and when I saw this tutorial I knew it would be perfect! Now I just need to make a trip to Michaels or Joanns for the birdhouse and wooden circle because I think I have everything else. Kara at Mine for the Making always has such adorable, easy, & affordable DIY tutorials!


  • When I saw this party idea from Jen at Denton Sanatorium I just about died! I love how simple & easy it is (Jen is momma to seven so simple & easy is just her style it seems!) and the kids seemed to have absolutely loved it! I am totally doing this at Tucker’s 5th birthday party in October!


  • Who else hates the fact that your shower curtain liner seems to be in constant need of replacing? Melissa at 320 Sycamore shared this tip just in the knick of time for me, because I had just added “shower curtain liner” to my shopping list this week. I am totally trying this out instead. It’s all those little pennies saved that can add up in the long run, and not having to buy a new $5 shower curtain liner every few months surely will add up over time!


  • Chalk art should be my best friend with all the chalkboards we have going on in our house. I actually am in need of putting a fresh coat of chalkboard paint on the kitchen fridge and once I do, I’m going to try something like this out. Rachelle of Fingerprints on the Fridge shared her love of chalkboard art this week, and I totally agree with her on  how pretty & simple it can be!
  • Oh! This blog is another one that shared their love of chalkboard art this week as well. This kitchen is actually the reason why we started our kitchen renovation (that I promise to share the start of this week!) because I love every.single.thing about it! If I could copy & paste it all into our kitchen, I would in a heartbeat!



  • We love anything buffalo chicken in our house. Buffalo chicken dip & buffalo chicken pizza are two of our favorites, oh, and of course some good ol’ buffalo chicken wings. I stumbled upon this recipe for Mini Buffalo Shrimp Puff Pastry Pizzas this week from Jessica at How Sweet It Is and cannot wait to try them out. Maybe for our next Girls Night or something?!


  • This family? The most adorable family to ever live I’m sure. Ryan & Kylee just had their first child, a sweet baby girl they named Eden. I’ve been following Kylee’s blog for a little over a year now and just love it & them! They are the cutest couple and seriously have got to be the cutest family now! Their little girl is a gorgeous redhead just like her momma & daddy and the video they put together of her birth make me remember every single moment of the day Tucker was born, the moment when we went from being a couple to being a family. So sweet!


  • Last, but not least, if you are a mom of multiples, head on over to Kelly’s Korner. This week she hosted a link up in her Show us your Life (SUYL) series for moms of multiples and there are so many great blogs participating! I know, when I was pregnant with the girls (or after we had them and they were in the NICU) I scoured the internet looking for others in our situation, and this is a great resource for anyone doing that same thing now!

Momma Fancies

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