A plan that went awry.

DSC_1447_1You may not know this, but a few years ago, the top of our five year plan included moving to Tennessee. Tucker was just a baby and my in-laws had recently bought a second home in a small town named Cookeville in middle Tennessee.

We had actually been to Cookeville the first time after I was newly pregnant with Tucker, at that time my in-laws owned a different house in Cookeville and we spent a week being introduced to the area.

Fast forward a year, Tucker is about six months old, and we are on our way to Tennessee again because my in-laws sold the first house and had bought a new house (a dream house, if you will) and they are “moving in” (my mother-in-law spends some holidays and summers there while my father-in-law spends everything but the big holidays and winter there). This time we take my parents and my brother with us and we all fall in love. Talks of selling houses (my parents, we were just renting at the time) and finding jobs there begin. We spent a majority of our week there checking out houses for sale and driving all over the beautiful country side.DSC_1453_1

That summer we spent another week there, for Fourth of July, and fell even more in love with the place. We looked at even more houses, pieces of land, and decided this was the place we wanted to raise our kids. The plan was, move there before Tucker started school so that he would be in one place his entire education.

Fast forward to today. We’re still in Florida. We have a 30-year mortgage on our house that still has, oh, about 28 years left on it. We have two more kids in the mix and this was our first trip back to Tennessee in four years. & Tucker starts school this fall. So ya, our five year plan? Obviously out the window.

What happened, you ask? Life. Sweet, beautiful, unpredictable, life. At its finest.

DSC_1460_1The following February, after our last fourth of July trip, was when we found out we were pregnant with the girls. House switching to accommodate three kids (at the time our rental was only two bedrooms), the girls coming early and spending time in the NICU, and then us deciding to buy a house not long after they came home sealed the deal. Florida is home. At least for now.

It’s hard to just pack up our bags, throw caution into the wind, and take a leap of faith. Although, a teacher friend of mine recently did that and is starting her new life in Colorado as we speak. I’m just not that kind of person. I make plans, even if said plans don’t always go, well, as planned.

Would I love for Tennessee, or somewhere like it, to be our home one day? Yes. Absolutely. Is the quality of life there different than the quality of life here? Without a doubt. Tucker loved it in Tennessee and watching him there made me ache to call that place home. Driving through the back roads, up and down the mountains, made that ache just a little worse.

Right now, it’s not going to happen any time soon (unless we win the Lotto, but we’d have to start playing in order for that to happen. Or for my parents to win.) but I really hope it will happen one day.


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4 Responses to A plan that went awry.

  1. oh that picture is lovely I would love to live there too
    Shirley@motivatedmommyoftwo recently posted..What have I been up to?? Decisions DecisionsMy Profile

  2. lyndsay says:

    Tennessee is gorgeous! I have family there and you just can’t beat it. We live in California, and with the state our economy is in here, we have thought many a times about just up and leaving. But I’m like you, that up and go is scary, and too much of my family is here in CA. So, for now, I admire your beautiful pics of the country you posted, and long to vacation there soon 🙂
    lyndsay recently posted..over a year in the makingMy Profile

  3. Jessica says:

    I LOVE Cookeville! Thats where my husband and I met, and we go back every year on our anniversary to re-do our first date. Tennessee is such an amazing place to call home, and I love that I get to live here. Now we live closer to Nashville in a little town called Mount Juliet, but we love it so very much. Hopefully one day you can move closer to your in-laws.
    Jessica recently posted..Goodbye Nashville, Hello CovecrestMy Profile

  4. Cecilia says:

    We live in a suburb of Memphis and I love our little Town of Collierville. Very idyllic in my opinion. I went to UT in Knoxville and that is our hopeful end destination one day. I absolutely love East Tennessee with all my heart.
    Cecilia recently posted..Lexi and Lyla-ismsMy Profile

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