Midweek Confessions.

  • I was scouring old photos on my laptop the other night and couldn’t stop looking at vintage Tucker pictures. Oh my, I forget what it was like when Tucker was a baby & he was our only one. Honestly? I miss it sometimes. It was so different back then & we had no clue.
  • That DOES NOT mean I don’t love my girls. Please don’t think I meant it like that. I promise, I spent my fair share of time ooohing & aaahing over vintage twin pictures, too. And I miss those early days with them as well. I still have lots of regret over their early arrival, NICU time, and the craziness of adjusting to three littles at once. If I knew then what I know now, I’d go back in a heartbeat and re-live it, just to take it all in again.
  • With that being said, I’m not so sure I get that “feeling” anymore when I look at old photos of the kids. As much as we wanted four kids, I’m not sure that is part of our plan anymore. And because I’m a planner, it’s hard to close the book on this because the original plan was four. I know MY plan is not God’s plan, so this is something I’ll just have to let be.
  • Looking at old pictures of the kids also makes me want to do a ton of flashback posts on here. I used to do Way Back When-esday and need to start up something like that again. I wish blogging is something I had started a long time ago, like pre-wedding even, to have all of us documented in one place.
  • So even if my uterus doesn’t quite ache when I see a wee little baby anymore (okay, sometimes it still totally does, since I’m spilling my guts here & all) let me make yours ache instead:


Vintage Tucker, Lilah, & Lexie. Swooooon! Man, Mike & I make pretty babies.

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4 Responses to Midweek Confessions.

  1. Jodi says:

    Way Back When-esday… what a great idea!! (Your babies were adorable 🙂
    Jodi recently posted..What I Wore WednesdayMy Profile

  2. Marcie says:

    you are more than welcome to do Olivia’s 6th (or 9) month post if you wanna write about babies!! 🙂

  3. Love the way back when-esday idea and I love your babies. We always wanted 4 babies but after 3 daddy was done. So, I put whatever happened in God’s hands and 3 years later SURPRISE. The most perfect angel girl in the world. Life was instantly complete for me and I felt it. Thanks for sharing.
    Princess Kate recently posted..Midweek ConfessionsMy Profile

  4. Tara says:

    They are beautiful. And I know about letting go. We just wanted one but then later it was just in my heart for another and here we are. I really don’t see more than 2 as an option but like you said sometimes it is not our plan. But on the flip sometimes I think both as mothers and from God our plan changes because the circumstances change, maybe one child will need more or whatever.
    Tara recently posted..Telling HimMy Profile

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