Ten on Ten: June

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I almost forgot it was Ten on Ten! Good thing I took a few pictures this morning and remembered by mid-day!












One. All of my blue eyed babes. I have hazel eyes, and Mike has blue. I’m hoping that the kids don’t only get the color of their daddy’s eyes but the sharpness of them, too. He pretty much has 20/20 vision while I do not at all.

Two. After spending mid-day at Mike’s grandpa’s for a little cookout for early Father’s Day/birthday for his mom we had a family nap time in the living room. The only person that really napped though was me.

Three. Spent this weekend re-painting the playroom. It now matches the color of the living room and I added a fun chalk wall. I’m in the process of selling their little kitchen, it doesn’t get much use, they play with the food from it more than they play with it, so we’ll keep some of that stuff and free up some space. More to come as I get it all squared away.

Four. These girls love shoes. Lilah is usually found with flip flops on all day long (she even sleeps with them most days). And Lexie usually can be found with a pair of boots, slippers, or flip flops. Sometimes she loves to wear her big brother’s shoes, too. She’s quite the cutie and such a silly girl!

Five. We don’t keep many toys in the kid’s rooms, since we have a playroom and all. The kids love playing in their rooms though, Tucker’s especially, because he’s got a collection of “his” toys growing under his bed and on his desk.

Six. Thanks to all of the rain, I have quite the green thumb lately. We planted lots of flowers a few weeks ago and I’m normally not good at watering plants, thus they don’t stay alive long. These flowers have been going strong though.

Seven. I love this girl. She can have quite the temper and a terrible case of terrible twos, but oh, her personality is one of a kind. She’s got such a spirit and is going to give the boys a run for their money one day!

Eight. I’ve had this door knocker just about as long as I’ve had that glass knob that I finally got Mike to put on the table in the living room last weekend. Today? He conquered the door knocker. I need to find a new summer wreath (or more like, make one) to spruce up the door.

Nine. This less than $20 plastic pool has brought us lots of summer fun already and summer has really just begun! The kids love cooling off in this thing and Mike and I enjoy kicking back and watching them play.

Ten. We had a little egg in a nest a few weeks back, which hatched into a little bird, which now has flown the coop. He was searching for it today, but it was gone. He thinks it was on a nearby tree. Must fly away during the day, and return home at night still. I wish I had gotten pictures of it as an egg and a new little chick!

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  1. Meagan says:

    Your playroom looks awesome! So clean and organized. And your kiddos are super cute! 😉 Love the red hair!
    Meagan recently posted..June Ten on TenMy Profile

  2. These are such great pictures 🙂
    Shirley@motivatedmommyoftwo recently posted..{Fitness Friday #6} Slim Secret 1My Profile

  3. Jennifer says:

    Love these photos! You have a beautiful family, and a lovely home!
    Jennifer recently posted..10 On 10 – JuneMy Profile

  4. Pachomp says:

    Great set!!! I like the one with the kids in the kiddie pool.

  5. Mel @ The Larson Lingo says:

    The play room looks great! And, love all the blue eyes. I have blue, but Kevin has brown. Kate has green & Claire has brown…maybe this baby will gave blue!
    Mel @ The Larson Lingo recently posted..10 on 10 :: June 2012My Profile

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