The girls’ first day of school.

When did my little girls get so big? Many of you are thinking, “First day of school? What? It’s summer!”. This summer the girls are doing Parents Day Out one day a week, to get their toes wet in the whole school thing. We started Tucker in this same class, with the same teachers, going one day a week over a year ago and it was a great transition from being only taken care of by family to being taken care of by someone else.

The girls were excited to go, we had their backpacks & lunch boxes all ready and had taken the obligatory first day pictures by the front door. Tucker was very proud to be taking his little sisters to his “little school” as he calls it. 






As soon as we got to school, Lexie put her stuff down and went straight to playing with new friends and checking out all the toys. Lilah, on the other had, a different story. The minute she saw her teacher, Ms. Pam, and the other kids, she got big eyes and started to cry. She wanted me to hold her so I picked her up and started walking her around the room, trying to find something she’d catch interest in and want to play with.

My mom was with us and showed Lexie where the bathroom was and took Tucker outside so I could get Lilah to calm down. I took her to the reading corner and found one of our favorite books, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear…” and started to read. When I was done I told her I was going to leave and she said, “Me say bye to mommy?” so I told her bye and took these last few photos and left.

My mom, Tucker, and I ran errands, had lunch, and visited the library while they were at school. My mom and I were on pins and needles wondering how they were doing and my dad and Mike kept checking in to see if we had heard anything. When we got there to pick them, they were on the playground and Lexie was having a good ol’ time with her new friends while Lilah was watching Ms. Pam like a hawk. She saw us and ran for us, wanting me to pick her up again.

Ms. Pam said Lexie had a great first day and was just like her brother. She said Lilah had been good (I told her to be honest with me because Lilah is the one I worry about with that spit-fire personality she can have) and only started to get sad again towards the end after lunch when they were packing up. She said she started to ask for me at that point and she reassured her she’d be taking her to me.



Overall, I feel like it was a successful first day and I’m so relieved to have it over with. We’ll be on vacation this coming week, so they wont be back for two weeks but both say they can’t wait to go. We’ll see Winking smile I know Ms. Pam & Ms. Carmen (their teachers) are so sweet and kind and will do great introducing the girls to their first taste of “school” before pre-k3 two days a week this fall!

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  1. kim says:

    They are such dolls! I did a summer program with my 2 boys to get their feet wet too. They were still nervous when preschool started for them, but they adjusted quickly, which was surprising to me. Good luck! I’m here from the Multiples and More Network. Love your blog and your kiddos are adorable!
    My Twintastic Life

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