Lexie Cecile.


Lexie. Lexie Lou.

You were baby b at birth and took a backseat to your sister for the most part. You went with the flow & decided to breath when you were supposed to, eat when you were supposed to, and sleep when you were supposed to, too.

You’ve been our go-with-the-flow girl from the start and we always dubbed you “the easy one” because of it. Your big blue eyes have caught the attention of many over these last few years and your biggest fan truly has to be your big brother. We say you & he should have been the twins because you are always doing exactly what he is doing.

You are also our silly girl. Very, very, very silly girl at times. Lately your witching hour is right around dinner time as you try to entertain us rather than eat. You will most definitely be class clown with the spunk in your personality and the things you learn from Tucker. & although you give in to your sister’s wants for almost any toy you have it is because you have a sweet heart as well. She’s lucky to have you as her counter part.

I love you! Your daddy loves you! Your brother & your sister & your whole big family loves you! Happy 3rd Birthday, Lexie Cecile!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday to your sweet girl. I love a girl with some spunk in her! 🙂
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