Lilah Renee.


Oh, Lilah. Where to even begin with you.

From day one you have been our head strong little girl. You, baby a, were the reason for a delivery at 29 weeks. You were the feisty one in the NICU who all the nurses talked about. They said you were going to give us a run for our money, and that you have.

Coming off oxygen, crawling, and walking, only when you wanted to. Talking, potty training, and now moving to a big girl car seat, only when you have wanted to. I say it ten times a day & I know it’s true, your personality will get you far in life, but oh how we wish you’d wait and use more of it in a few more years and not quite yet with dear ol’ mom & dad.

You think you rule the roost & most days you do. You are lucky you have a brother & sister that are pretty forgiving of your strong will & determination. I think it’s because you can be so cute & funny when you want to as well. I always say you are lucky you are cute.

With each passing day we see more & more of the fighter you entered this world as and we know it is that quality that will carry you through the years to come. As much as I do not want you to grow up, I cannot wait to see the woman you will grow to be one day.

I love you! Your daddy loves you! Your brother & your sister & your whole big family loves you! Happy 3rd Birthday, Lilah Renee!

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  1. Jessica says:

    She sounds like my oldest! I love how independent he is, but sometimes I wish he were a little more go with the flow. Happy Birthday to your girls!
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