Sunday Randoms.

This weekend was filled with a bunch of randomness for us, which I actually enjoy.

Disclaimer: Part of our randomness involves impromptu potty training, so if you don’t want to read about pee or poop, move along. There, you’ve been warned. Oh, but if you want to see a pretty furniture make-over I did this weekend, keep reading anyway.

DSC_0907Friday night Lilah decided she was ready to start potty training. I had actually tried that morning with her and after she peed on my floor twice, I gave up. But that night we were outside letting the kids play when she told Mike, “Daddy, me go pee pee”. He ran her inside and sure enough, she went on the potty. So we decided our weekend would be spent near the pooper (seriously, only parents can get this much satisfaction out of discussing bodily functions. Well, parents & old people).

Lilah has actually done really well with the potty training. She has gone numero dos once on the potty and twice in her pants but she’s been holding strong with number one on the potty. She loves wearing big girl panties and earning her stickers & m&m’s each time she successfully goes.

The funny thing with Lilah, is that with all big milestones (crawling, walking, potty training) she’s stubborn and will only start when she is absolutely ready ( read: she was obviously not ready a few months ago when I potty trained Lexie) but once she starts these things, she picks them up faster and masters them much quicker. It must be because she sits back and watches Lexie do it all first.

Next randomness of this weekend? After seeing a picture on instagram that my friend Meagan of Fairly Fabulous posted of her new china hutch, I decided to move refinishing mine to the top of my to-do list (more detailed post to come). After a quick trip to Home Depot for me to pick up supplies I painted it last night. Meagan made a comment on my photo when I posted it on instagram along the lines of, “that was quick!” but if you know me, you know when I get going on a project, I don’t stop until I’m done.


This actually has jump started my urge to finally start painting our kitchen cabinets. I’ve been so nervous to do them, even though I know they are going to look amazing when we are finished.

More randomness? I made chicken Gyros for dinner tonight on a whim. My other friend, Christina, mentioned on instagram (seriously, I’m addicted to instagram and it obviously has a very influential hold on me!) that she was making gyros for dinner tonight and they just sounded too good not to make, too! Christina is Greek like me and we enjoyed a yummy dinner at Taverna Opa when she still lived here. Best Greek food ever! I love that we got our Greek on together, even thousands of miles away! Man, I miss that girl!

Addicted to Instagram like me? Do you follow me? Check out my life in pictures as twinkietotmom.

Ah…one more random thing. I submitted a sweet picture I took of the girls last weekend for Multiples & More July Photo of the Month. Will you go vote? We don’t win anything other than bragging that we have cute kids…which we obviously think we do!

How’d you spend your weekend? Did you have a random one like us or was planned from start to finish? Do share!

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3 Responses to Sunday Randoms.

  1. Christine says:

    1. The cabinet looks great
    2. The gyros look yummmmm!
    3. My husband is Greek too and used to DJ/bartender at the original Opa in Hollywood FL 🙂
    Christine recently posted..Hang Your Child’s HeartworkMy Profile

  2. Amanda says:

    I’ve heard Taverna Opa is crazy delicious, Scott and I may have to go. Love the china hutch, it looks fabulous!
    Amanda recently posted..They say everything happens for a reason….My Profile

  3. Cecilia says:

    Oh my that cabinet is amazing! Greek food is my absolute fave!! So fresh and yummy.
    Cecilia recently posted..Princess TeethMy Profile

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