Trick of the trade.

Ya’ll know I’m in the middle of a big paint project right now.

Eating, sleeping, dreaming.


If I don’t see another paint brush ever again when this is all said and done, that is fine by me. (Okay, I lie. I’m sure I’ll have a paint brush or roller in my hand before too long, you guys know me all to well.) But honestly, I’ll be happy to take a break from painting & finish up this kitchen soon.

I figure I can probably be done with everything by the end of next week (it would be this week but the hubs & I are taking a trip, sans kids, with three other couple friends to Savannah in just a few days…can we say, “WAHOO!?!?!?!”) which really means I’ll have one week of summer left before work starts once this project is over.

I vow to make that last week really count with the kids. Not that we haven’t had a fun summer together, but the last few weeks have been a lot of cartoons & snacks & “Give me one more minute, please.” while I finish a cabinet or climb down from a step ladder to quickly help them and get back to what I was doing.

What I’m trying to get at? Projects can be all long & tiresome & all what-the-!#&$-was-I-thinking until they are all said & done. I know in just a few days I’ll be sitting back with a coffee in hand just taking all the beauty in. Until then (and until I can finally share a finished product with you) I leave you with this.

Ever get to the point of painting where it is so late at night you can barely think about having to clean up the mess in front of you before hitting the hay? You know, the paint tray still full of paint because you totally poured too much, the three to five paint brushes and rollers laying around because just one isn’t going to cut it? Well. I’ve got the solution for you.

DSC_1007Take each paintbrush, with paint still on (yes, you heard me, do not wash out the paint) and stick inside a plastic shopping bag while still holding the handle. Wrap the bag around it again and again until it’s been twisted up inside the bag and all you have left is the handle sticking out the bottom. Repeat this same step with any rollers you have out (paint still in them as well). Once finished, place all brushes & rollers inside your fridge.

Then take you tray full of paint and find somewhere to shove it as well, in the fridge, and shut the door.

By doing this, you keep the paint from drying up. In the morning, simply take everything out of the fridge, let it sit while you eat breakfast & drink you coffee, and then start the painting when you are ready!

Your paint tray wasn’t full of paint you say? You finished up right as you scraped the last bit of paint from each corner & crevice of the tray? Well then, just leave the tray sitting on the counter over night. Do not rinse it out, just let it sit. In the morning, it will be dried up & you can now peel away the paint. This is seriously the easiest way ever to clean a paint tray. I’m telling you, if you’ve never tried it, you are going to want to go pour a can of paint in a tray right now, let it dry, and try it yourself because it really is pretty handy.

I’d like to thank my mom for teaching me these painting tricks. She is the reason I am the painting fool I am today, this woman can paint anything and has had me helping her with projects for as long as I can remember! I think my bedroom growing up has probably been painted eight different times (at least) and more than half of those I’ve had my hand in doing.

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