10 on 10 & more.

I find it kind of funny that 10 on 10 fell today. I’m so glad I got one more summer edition of it in before we are back to reality soon, it seems that a lot of the 10ths fall on weekdays when I’m working and all you ever get to see is a lot of my classroom on those days.

It’s also funny because tomorrow is Mike’s 10 year high school reunion. 10 years since our story began that means, seeing as he & I started dating the spring of his senior year. One thing I’ve always said is that I love the fact that I get to go to his reunions because I had friends in his graduating class as well. My class is just now starting to discuss plans for our 10 year reunion (it will be this coming year) and seeing as I was class historian, I will be fully involved in the planning.

It is amazing how much can happen in the course of ten years. And it makes me think about what’s to come in the next ten years! By the time we are partaking in our 20 year reunions we’ll have three teenagers on our hands (Tucker will be almost 15 and the girls will have just turned 13 when we go to Mike’s 20th). That is just crazy!

So, tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Heck, the weekend in general is going to be busy. Showers, & reunions, & family picnics. And then back to reality come Monday when I’m off to work & the kids are off to nana’s again.


1. The girls were watching out their window because Tucker headed off to a friend’s house this morning to play trains for the day. They watched him pull away & were being silly girls waiting for Nana to come.

2. Sewing. My brother is getting married in October and the bridal shower is tomorrow. I was making Tricia, my soon-to-be sister-in-law, a sash to wear at the shower.

3. Sandwiches for lunch, made with only the best bakery bread from Publix. Yum!

4. We have seen a lot of cake lately. First the girls’ birthday, then my mom’s, & now today we were knee deep in cupcake and cake pop making. I think my sweet tooth is pretty sore & needs a break soon!

5. My kitchen was a complete mess at the end of today.


6. Tucker came home with a few new trains (thanks to his buddy Brecken’s duplicates, man is that boy a little negotiator!) and enjoyed a cupcake before passing out on the couch while the girls were napping.

7. I got to chill for a few minutes watching who knows what on t.v.

8. Sneak peek of the kiddos photo shoot this afternoon under our summer bucket list, seeing as today was the last official day of summer vacation. Post to come.

9. Making place cards for tomorrow.

10. I thought I had ten pictures and then realized I only had nine. So here is one of me in action loading pictures for this post. It’s hard to see, but I have an unfinished iced coffee on the corner of my desk from this morning, ooops. I was so busy I forgot to finish it!

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