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There are quite a few new things in my classroom this year (thanks to Pinterest, mostly, of course) so I thought I’d share some pictures. Remember, I recently had to move from my old room to this room (although they are pretty much the same room, just mirrored & this on has a bathroom) and become a team teacher as well.

I feel like I have more space in here though (I got rid of my teacher desk, last year was the only year since my first year teaching that I had a teacher desk, I just don’t ever use it so I hate taking up space with one). I also am teaching one less subject this year (math) so that frees up some of my wall space.

Last year, I had changed my colors up from the primary red, yellow, green, & blue to more fun & fresh colors. I love the “rainbow” look that I have going on and think that it feels really festive, I just hope the kids don’t feel like it’s suppose to be a constant party in our classroom thanks to the tissue paper balls!



There are so many free printables on Pinterest that are great for education. I printed all of them last year, but just printed a few more today to add to my room this year. The two printable above can be found here (and it has all of the other ones that I just printed today, and amazing site!).


The wheel above is something I created last year for cooperative grouping. For our yearly assessments, we now have to pick an area we feel we need to improve in, last year I decided to pick the way in which I group students because I wanted to make sure that with fourth graders (opposed to first graders) that I grouped them in ways that kept them on-task & involved in their learning. I roll a die that is numbered 1-4 and that decides which way we group. Here’s a rundown of each option.

1) The students get to pick their own partner.

2) I pick their partners using popsicle sticks that have their assigned number on them.

3) Partners by appointment. This was shared with me by my neighbor teacher & I love it AND the students love it. The first week of school the students are each given a blank clock printout. You tell them to find a partner & write each other’s name at 12 o’clock. You continue to do this until all numbers on the clock are filled in (it gets a little tricky towards the end, you have to start finding out who has not been grouped with someone yet because they are suppose to have 12 different names on their clock. Then, when this option is rolled, I use their sticks from “I pick” to tell them which appointment we’ll be using that time. So, if I pull stick no. 4, it would be the 4 o’clock appointment person.

4) With this option, students can be in three different kinds of groups. Either by themselves, with a partner of their choice, or with me. Usually 5-6 students get to work in a group with me while the others pick on of the other two options. The kids usually like this one a lot as well.


My book nook this year is in a new spot & has a new rug to make it really pop! I am going to add a “Class Timeline” to that wall under the cubbies to keep track of all the fun things we learn this year. It will be left up over this coming summer and then next year’s students will get to see it at the start of the year & know what to expect for their 4th grade year.


Above is my “Stop & Drop-It” are for student classwork, homework, notes from parents, and signed papers. On my door is our class expectations (I use these two printables as our class rules because they really cover all you need to abide by in school. The spot in the center is “Ticket out the Door” where students will answer questions during some lessons that summarize what was learned before leaving the classroom to go to block, lunch, or at the end of the day. Below that is the class jobs.



We have six student computers in our classroom this year, which is pretty exciting! I’m hoping since this is my second year in fourth grade I can really get the kinds more involved in technology, last year it was simply a do-just-enough-to-make-it-through kind of year. If you are a teacher and have ever taught a new grade, you know what I mean.

We also have a new social studies series this year that I’m excited about. It’s a weekly newspaper that is consumable by the students & something I think I’ll be able to incorporate into reading & writing as well.


So, that’s my room. The place I’ll spend the next 180 school days with my 19 (well, 39 if you count my other writing class students as well, and hopefully we stay right at those numbers & don’t get any higher) students. I’m really looking forward to this year because I do love 4th grade!

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7 Responses to Classroom Tour 2012

  1. Casey says:

    I REALLY like that partner wheel thing. Such a good idea! I wonder if it would work with my 8th graders… I printed the same class rules poster from Pinterest. I’m pretty excited for it!

  2. miss macri says:

    wow, your classroom looks amazing – and I am SO jealous that you have things hanging from the ceiling, I’m pretty sure the janitor would freak out if he saw that in my room – I’m already breaking too many fire codes as it is 🙂

    happy new school year!
    miss macri recently posted..27 weeksMy Profile

  3. gin says:

    Your room is very cute! Since you are team teaching, what subject areas are you in charge of? I team taught the last two years and LOVED it. This year I’m moving to second and no more team teaching (but no more state test, so really, it’s a great trade off). I really like the partner wheel! I am so going to try that. I may even post pics of my classroom this year; with all the Pinterest inspired stuff in there it is rather cute!
    gin recently posted..A Letter to my Frenemy, AugustMy Profile

  4. Samantha says:

    It is so pretty and colourful!!!
    Samantha recently posted..GarageMy Profile

  5. Mandi says:

    Your classroom looks beautiful. I love all the classroom management ideas you incorporated. I think you and your students will have a fun and successful year! Good luck!
    Mandi recently posted..Natural Newborn Giveaway Hop {Naturepedic}My Profile

  6. kara says:

    LOVE it!! You did a fantastic job 🙂 Bright, organized, clean, welcoming….perfect!

  7. Renee says:

    Your classroom is very inviting, and I love your color scheme ! Please tell me what is on their desks….hard for me to see from the pictures…..are they little baskets ? If so, what is kept in them ?

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