Friday randoms.

I’m sorry the blog has been pretty quite this week. I mean, there have  been a few posts here & there, but not much substance.

This week was a busy one. Mike working a little overtime, me having dinner out with friends, the kids having school pictures & fundraisers due, Open House at my school. This all means I’m certainly ready for the weekend.

I’m trying to decide if I want to jump back in on my InstaFriday posts. Now that I keep a running feed on the sidebar of what I share on instagram, I’m not sure there would be much of a point, besides getting to add a little description to what you are seeing over there.

There is a laundry list of things I need to blog about, but finding time to edit pictures for posts & gather my thoughts long enough to put the proverbial pen to paper is hard to come by sometimes. I love this time of year (FALL!!!) but it always seems to fly by way too fast because of how busy it can be.

I almost feel like this post should have bullets to keep it all organized & kosher. Seeing as each paragraph is completely random in itself. I just don’t feel like going back & adding them in. Call it tired, call it lazy, pick your poison.

Ok. Back to Vampire Diaries it is. I am in the midst of season 3 on Netflix before season 4 starts next month. Love me some Damon!

I titled this Friday Randoms, but am now going to hit publish even though it’s still Thursday. I usually hate when bloggers do that sort of thing. But again, I’m just being too lazy to try to think of something different to title it.

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