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This school year I thought it might be fun to high light things going on in my classroom. I haven’t really decided if I’ll give this a special day each week or just let this feature show up from time to time. I think I am going to add a link-up below, so if you are a fellow teacher and would like to share something fun you’ve done in class, please do so!

The second week of school we decided to get the kid’s pumped for science through something I dubbed, “Egg”speriment Week. We were learning about what it means to be a scientists, which revolves a lot around the Scientific Method. In order to teach it in a fun way, we did a few experiments that were egg based. The kids LOVED it!

First we tried sucking an egg into a glass using a match.


Our’s didn’t work (which I thought was good for our first experiment to teach the kids that not all things go as planned & that their hypothesis won’t always be right). This video is great at explaining it all though and the kid’s loved being able to see how the experiment should have gone & why.

Next, we did an easy one. Floating an egg in salt water.



The kid’s did a great job learning about water density with this one. We drew a picture illustrating what the water without salt would look like versus the water with salt and how it becomes more dense.

We finally ended with a really fun “egg”speriment!


The kids thought this one was the best thing ever! We actually have another one still soaking in vinegar because our first one didn’t really ever get a chance to bounce and I was told by a fellow teacher the longer we let it sit, the better. Here’s another good video to show either before or after you’ve done your own experiment. It will help explain it all as well.

If you didn’t know, tomorrow is Constitution Day. This year, our county has a new social studies curriculum. They are these weekly newspapers, that each focus on a topic in history. Our series will focus on Florida History, seeing as I teach 4th grade in the state of Florida. This past week was about Florida’s Government (the branches of government) and the Constitution.

We learned that Monday just so happens to be Constitution Day and the weekly paper asked the kids how our school celebrates. Well, our school really doesn’t, so we decided as a class to celebrate. Our county is uniforms for prek-12th grade and we decided to wear either a red, navy, or white uniform shirt (black is another color they can wear, so we are eliminating that option for tomorrow) and I told them I’d come up with something else for us to do as well. That leaves me scouring Pinterest for ideas tonight! Happy Constitution Day!

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    You come up with some of the best ideas for the classroom! I loved following your “egg” spirements this week on Instagram!
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