31 days: 1+1=3

31daysThat equation above doesn’t seem to add up, does it?

It does when we are talking babies. Before Mike and I even celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we found our selves expecting a baby! We knew we wanted to have kids, but were a little surprised to have gotten pregnant as quickly as we did.

After “pregnant” flashed on the screen and I showed Mike, I told my mom almost just as soon. I couldn’t help it! Soon after we told my dad, and brother, and Mike’s parents and sister, too.


After a few minor hiccups in the pregnancy in the early weeks, we finally started to share the news with the rest of our family & our friends around 11 weeks. Besides a little nausea in the mornings and early evenings, I felt good. I had cravings for anything carb related & Riesens (which Mike thought I said raisins one night, even though I hated raisins at the time, not a happy pregnant lady that night).


At 19 weeks we secretly went to our BIG ultrasound where we learned we were going to be expecting a baby boy. Mike was over the moon (isn’t every guy when they find out they are going to have a boy to raise just like them?!). We went that afternoon to buy the bedding and had decided to keep it a secret for a few weeks, because Father’s Day was around the corner and we had onesies to give to the grandpa’s that would fill them in on the gender.


If you go read Tucker’s Birth Story, you can find out what happened next. It was a little scary for a few weeks in our pregnancy at this point but we eventually found out Tucker’s was healthy & fine and we were so relieved. Who knew that before the pregnancy was over Tucker would give us even more scares! (again, if you read the birth story you will find out all of this now, but I plan on spreading it out over the next few days to add pictures and get it all documented a little bit better).


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