31 days: a twin pregnancy.

I think I’ll call this the evolution of a twin belly. Well, a twin belly that gets to 29 weeks.

Evolution of a twin pregnancy belly

1) 12 weeks, 2) 16 weeks, 3) 19 weeks, 4) 23 weeks, 5) 25 weeks, and 6) 27 weeks

twin pregnancy ultrasound pictureBeing three+ years out from the pregnancy with the girls, I sometimes forget what it was like. Then I look at the above photos and some of it comes back to me. Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten that time in our life because it ended so abruptly when the girls were born at 29 weeks. We instantly forgot what it  meant to be expecting twins because we were thrown so fast into being parents of twins, preemie twins fighting for their lives in the NICU to be exact. Everything we had known up to that point became a big blur.

I do remember now, looking at these, how quickly I began to show in this pregnancy and how fast I seemed to grow. I mean, just look at that 27 week belly! HUGE! Imagine what I would have looked like had I gone full term? I remember being at stores and someone commenting, asking how far along I was or saying something about expecting a baby and when I’d tell them it was actually twins the shock they’d seem to have. Complete strangers who didn’t even know me were as shocked as I still was to be having two babies. Let me tell you, I was constantly in awe that two babies were growing inside of  me.

I also remember how much more active the girls seemed to be compared to Tucker. I’m sure it was because there were two in there kicking & punching & fighting over space. The heartburn was worse & so was the “morning sickness” that really isn’t morning sickness but all-day-long-I-feel-nauseas-ness-and-sometimes-I-will-throw-up-too-so-watch-out.

Oh, and that old wives tale where boys add to your beauty & girls take away from it when you are pregnant? I totally agree! With Tucker my skin had become so clear and with the girls I was a hot mess!


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