31 days: another house to call home.

31daysAfter having Tucker, we quickly realized that we needed a house with a little more space. We wanted a bigger yard, more room for a growing boy to roam.

We lucked out & found a rental through Mike’s mom, a friend of hers was needing new tenants, and it was in the PERFECT location. Two blocks from the St. Cloud lakefront & just six blocks down to the closest local park. We were able to take so many walks at this house, spending lots of time on the path from our house to that park.

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This house was on what we call the “State Streets” here in St. Cloud, because they are all named after U.S. states and run up & down the lakefront. It was nestled between two other houses on our block, with a big shaded front & back yard and no neighbors behind. (The picture above is not when we lived in it, I pulled it off our property appraiser’s website because I guess I never took a picture of the house while we lived there, bummer. The house had a green door & green garage after we moved in because we painted it).

I LOVED this house (minus the horribly ugly kitchen that I did my best with & only having two bedrooms) and miss it quite often. If we could have fit five people comfortably in this house, I think we’d still be there today.


We were probably the best tenants you could have, in each of our rentals we always asked to paint (luckily they always footed the bill in return for our labor) and did a good job sprucing up the houses (yard work & other small projects usually) while we lived there. Tucker did a great job just hanging out & entertaining himself when we painted the Jersey house before moving in.


Looking back at all of these pictures brings back such good memories. This was an age when Tucker was super fun (he was about eight months old when we moved in) and having the huge shade trees around the house made being outside the best. That’s one bad thing about moving into a newer subdivision like the one we bought in, no shade trees yet! If we end up staying in Florida, I’d love to have a house with a bigger yard & shade trees & close to water like this one, one day.

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