31 days: college days.

31daysAlthough talking about college days after posts about our wedding & being newlyweds & being grown-ups with houses doesn’t really go in chronological order, I had to stick these photos on the ol’ blog.

I went to The University of South Florida, in Tampa, and attended the College of Education there. I was lucky to have some pretty great roommates, all friends I went to high school with, my best friend, Marcie, being one of them. That is where our friendship really solidified.

USF has a gorgeous campus & is in a great area. Lots to do in Tampa & the schools I did some small internships at while I was in college were really good schools with really good teachers.

I graduated from USF the December before Mike & I got married. I’m sure I have pictures of graduation (and from the college days) somewhere, but wherever they are, I do not know.

The football season after we were married, USF played UCF, and we went to it with my dad and Marcie. It was a fun game, and we won (USF’s football program is still fairly young compared to other colleges in FL, but is has a very promising future!).


Go Bulls!

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