31 days: coming home.

NICU graduates

31daysOne September 17, 2009, after 48 days in the NICU, the girls finally came HOME!

The week leading up to the girls discharge from the NICU was a tough one. We kept getting “It might be tomorrow, or the next day” talks from the doctors but didn’t have a real definite answer. The girls were doing very good, minus Lilah & her oxygen issues and that was pretty much what we were waiting on at that point.

We finally decided that we were okay with bringing Lilah home on oxygen & monitors if it meant she would be home. We were tired of the traveling back & forth to the NICU, dividing our time between the girls or Tucker, and not having our entire family under one roof.

first night homeWhen that decision was made, discharge papers were ordered and we were on our way. That first night home was the best, even with middle-of-the-night feedings. The morning after, when we woke up and were able to bring all three kids into our bed and just relax, even better!

I thought we’d always celebrate the 17th of September in our house (the first year anniversary of it, we did) but eventually, as the last few years passed, it is just any other day in the big scheme of where we are right now in life. But every year on this day, I still take a few minutes to myself to remember all we & the girls had been through.

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