31 days: moving

Day 3 was about being a newlywed and calling a rented townhouse our first home.

31daysToday, it’s all about moving. Mike & I? The king & queen of moving. In 6ish years of marriage we have moved four times. From the townhouse, to a rental house (dubbed the Summerwinds house, because of the street name), to yet another rental (the Jersey house, again the street name…this house I LOVED, outdated kitchen & all), to my parents house because the Jersey house was two bedrooms & we were on the verge of having three kids (my parents actually swapped houses with us, moving into our two bedroom rental during this time so we’d have space for three kids…I know, BEST.PARENTS.IN.THE.WORLD!), and finally to our first home, the one we signed the dotted line on almost three years ago.

Whew. Writing that tired me out, let alone all of the actual packing & unpacking, decorating & un-decorating & re-decorating over the years.

Let’s talk about the first rental today. This house was a tiny house, nestled in a tiny neighborhood. It was actually the model home when this neighborhood was originally built, so it had tons of custom built nooks & crannies in the living room & master bedroom. It had an enclosed back porch that was the perfect Florida room and just enough space for 2.5 people & a small dog.


In this house, we made our first big furniture purchase (oh, how I felt like an adult when we did this), a new couch that was super comfy! This was the house Tucker came home to and spent his first nine months (if I’m remembering correctly) of life in. We had a great landlord here but wanted Tucker to have more space to roam as he got bigger, which led us to rental house no. 2. More on the Jersey house later.

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