31 days: newbies.

Much like walking through the front door of our townhouse as newlyweds to a new chapter in our life, it happened again the day we became parents. Tucker entered our world in a mere three hours once I was in labor (at a decent point in my pregnancy finally) and forever changed our lives.


The thing about being parents is there is no owner’s manual. I’m mean, there are plenty of books on parenting & parenting for newbies, but your own baby doesn’t come with one that is suited just for them. It’s all trial & error & staying afloat.


The pictures above capture so much of being a newbie. The first picture at home. The first time your kid pees on you during their bath. That first moment when you realize you are blissfully happy & completely exhausted all at once. Yup. That is what being a new parent is all about.


Looking back at these pictures of when it all began (especially right now, when it’s technically the 5th anniversary of us becoming parents) it makes me want to go back in time & do it all over again. To relive every moment just so I can cherish it that much longer. There might have been moments when we couldn’t get Tucker to stop fussing & go to sleep when all we wanted to do was catch up on sleep but for the most part I think Mike and I worked rather well together at the whole new parents gig. Heck, we survived the first year & four more after that so far.


All of these pictures were from Tucker’s first month, with this one being the day he turned one month old.


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