31 days: surprise!

100_0580A little after Tucker turned one, Mike and I started talking about baby no. 2 (well Mike had started talking about baby no. 2 when Tucker was three months old but I squashed that one like a bug).

We figured if we got pregnant after the first of the year the second baby would be born around the time Tucker turned two, we thought two years would be a good gap in age.

100_0602Mike’s birthday is in February (Groundhog’s Day to be exact) and after celebrating with family (in which you catch me holding both of my twin nieces when I was probably pregnant with our twins in that picture!), we spent the weekend in Tampa at the casino while his mom watched Tucker. We figured we’d work on some baby making (although I had to of been pregnant at the time because the Monday after we returned from our weekend away is when I took the pregnancy test & it was positive).

We told the grandparents & aunts & uncles right away. We took Tucker around one evening right after we found out with a “Big Brother” shirt on, however, no one picked up on it on their own. We had to tell everyone “LOOK AT HIS SHIRT!”. Everyone was excited and so were we.

I made the obligatory first appointment “let’s just confirm the pregnancy” appointment for right around 5-6 weeks with my OB and went to the appointment alone because I figured it wouldn’t be anything other than “yes, you are pregnant, see you next month”. Boy, was I wrong!

31daysAfter they had me pee in the cup (sorry to be so frank, but how do you tip-toe around that?) the doctor came back and started questioning me. “How far along are you?” After I told him I thought 5-6 weeks he replied, “Well, let’s go ahead and do a quick ultrasound to pin it down for sure”. I was a little surprised but excited that I’d be seeing our little blip on the screen so soon!

I remember being in their ultrasound room and having a quick feeling of “What if it’s two?!” which was something I had NEVER thought about, especially since we had twin nieces six months younger than Tucker. So, once the doctor comes in, he starts to do his thing and is going “Hmmm.” I’m looking at the screen and think I see two black spots but am thinking to myself “that can’t be what I think it is” when he tells me, “I think it could be two.”

My exact words after that? “Two what?!” I needed him to spell it out for me. He explained that there were definitely two sacs, but with how early along I was that neither sac were developed yet. He said I’d have to come back in three weeks for another ultrasound and we’d be able to confirm twins at that point if it really were two. I was speechless. All I could think about was Tucker & what it would do to him to have two babies so close in age to himself. What he would miss out on because we’d be taking care of two babies at once.


When I called Mike he was over the moon. My mom & dad, his family, my friends? Shocked. It was surreal for the next three weeks. Not only were we wondering if there were really two but I was wondering what this pregnancy would be like if it were two. After all I had been through with Tucker & preterm labor & delivery I was scared.

Finally, after an excruciatingly long three weeks, Mike accompanied me to my ultrasound where we found out…



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