31 days: swapping houses.

31daysI have to start off by saying that I have the best parents ever. They are the type of parents that would do anything for their kids, and the have taught me exactly how I want to be with my own children as they grow up. I am not saying that my parents spoiled me growing up, but I never wanted for anything that I needed (sure, there were plenty of things I wanted that I didn’t need growing up, and sometimes I’d get lucky and get them and sometimes I wouldn’t). My parents made sure that my brother and I did well in school and that as long as we kept grades up and stayed out of trouble, they were there to provide for us. Today? They continue to help and support in any way they can (hello, my mom watches all three of my kids day in & day out!).

Back in late June, early July, of 2009, just weeks before I ended up having the girls, my parents swapped houses with Mike and I. You probably are wondering what that means & why they did it. At the time we found out we were expecting twins, we were renting a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house. No way that we were going to fit three kids in one bedroom, so instead of having to find a new rental, my parents offered to swap houses with us. They let us move into their 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house, the house I grew up in, and moved into our rental. Tucker took over my brother’s old room and we started getting my old room (a huge room, with plenty of space for two cribs and two babies) ready for the girls.

Tucker with twins

Like I said, my parents pretty much move mountains when it comes to supporting their kids (and grandkids!).

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  1. Bella Rose says:

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve read and totally the type of parent I want to be. Your parents sound like my in-laws 🙂
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