31 days: teaching

31daysAfter graduating from USF, I went right into my first teaching gig. I actually was hired by my 4th grade teacher who was now a principal at a local elementary school. I started out halfway through a school year because she needed to make some adjustments to grade levels that were high in numbers. It started out as 4th (funny thing, now that I am teaching fourth & love it!), then was going to be 2nd (which is what I wanted) and finally was my choice between 1st & kindergarten. I was told if I picked first, I’d have to stay there the next year but if I picked kindergarten I could move to second the following year.

So. I picked kindergarten (and will NEVER teach it again!). That age is just way too young for me. I thought it was just because I wasn’t a parents myself yet, but still, as a parent now, when I see those itty bitty babies walking on our campus the first week of school every year, I know it is still not the grade for me.


{The few kids I didn’t funny face are children of friends of mine. One of them is the son of a teacher I had in high school and the other one is the daughter of a teacher I work with. I don’t think they will mind the picture, especially seeing as these kids are now 8th graders!}


I loved teaching second grade (these pictures are from my first year in second) but eventually moved down to first after two years in 2nd because I wanted to work side-by-side some of my friends at the school. I spent three years in first (it isn’t as bad as kindergarten, but it’s still not one of my favorite ages). This year is my second year in fourth grade and I think I have finally found my calling. I LOVE this age. They are fun to be around every day & the conversations we can have about life & what we are learning are so intriguing.

It’s funny how my teaching career has seemed to come full circle. Being hired by my once fourth grade teacher, almost teaching fourth my first year, and now finally deciding fourth is the place for me.

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