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You usually get a glimpse into a day in our life when I do the 10 on 10 posts each month (or each month that I remember). This month I was halfway through spending the day with a sick Lexie when I realized it was 10 on 10 & didn’t bother with trying to catch up.

Yesterday though? The first day of my Thanksgiving break & I realized late last night that I took quite a bit of pictures. I guess that’s what happens when you are off rather than working.

lady appointment

10:30-Starting a week off of work right with my yearly lady appointment. Oh boy!

crochet hat

11:30-Mom kept the kids for me while at said appointment. When I returned Lexie was on the porch (she loves their porch, & luckily the weather is allowing her to spend more time out there lately) in her new hat. My mom’s newest hobby? Crocheting these cute hats, scarves next!

lack of sleep

Lilah was passed out on the couch when I got to my mom’s. I guess this is what happens when you wake up anywhere between 4 & 6 am most days. Man, I hope this girl becomes a better sleeper one day (sooner rather than later, too, please!).

playroom pic

12:30-I left this morning with three kids & only returned with two. Tucker stayed at Nan’s house for a sleepover while the girls and I ran to the grocery store and then came home for lunch & naps.

sick lilah

Right after lunch is when this one started to show more signs of not feeling well. She had been up off & on the night before with a little cough. Look at those sick eyes.

nap vs no nap

2:00-The sick one won’t sleep but the other one was passed out cold.

coloring princesses

3:30-In lieu of naptime, Lilah & I colored. Pretty proud of my princess coloring skills.

christmas movies

While most of us weren’t napping at our house, and I was being forced to watch Good Luck Charlie (I actually like that show) and Dora (ugh, no bueno) my mom was getting to watch these with Tucker. He’s a Christmas movie junkie, love it!


5:30-Dinner. I tried a new twist on my chili recipe thanks to a fellow momma of twins + 1 that I found via Instagram when she was pregnant with her girls. Rebecca of Meet the McKim’s shared here recipe for Sweet Potato Chili, I adjusted it a bit and will be sharing mine here on the blog soon.

book worms

7:45-After we do the girls bedtime routine, they want another five minutes with their little lamp on to keep reading books. Sure makes this teacher momma’s heart all warm & fuzzy.

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