Homemade Fabric Softener

Next up on the homemade list? Fabric Softener.

homemade fabric softener

What you need? 6 cups water, 2 cups conditioner, 3 cups vinegar, another pretty bottle (mine, again from Ikea). I would actually cut this batch in half next time, it makes a TON of fabric softener.

What you need to do? In a large bowl, whisk together the water (warm water works well), conditioner, and vinegar. Once it is all combined together well, transfer to your bottle. Use about as much as you would use of normal fabric softener, putting it in the same compartment of your washer that you would normally put it (again, fine for HE washers).

diy fabric softener

Price breakdown? Total cost (not sure how many loads it will do, but I’m thinking at least 30-40) is pretty amazing. Ready? $1.65

  • 6 cups water = FREE (well, you’ll be paying for it eventually, ha!)
  • 2 cups conditioner = $ 1.50 (or a little less than that actually, because I should be able to make one more 1/2 batch with what I have left and $1.50 was the total cost)
  • 3 cups vinegar = $0.15

How do I like it? Seems to be doing the job, to me, and it smells amazing! I used the Ocean Breeze scent, recommended again by Heather of The Cox Quads.

Left over fabric softener? Stay tuned for a recipe tomorrow for “dryer sheets” that uses that extra fabric softener!Homemade

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