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It’s been quite sometime since I shared a little Momma Fancies feature. I thought today would be a good day for me to take a break, enjoy my family and all I’m thankful for (and a little left over turkey), and hand the reigns over to someone else.

MooreFromKatieMoore from Katie is a blog written by new mom, Katie, full time mom and part time blogger. After giving birth to her daughter, she realized a few things she’s very passionate about: researching and writing about pregnancy, nutrition, fitness and overall health for women. Her blog is centered around these topics, her life in general, and a little baking, fashion, and DIY.


So what does Katie have to share about being pregnant and staying healthy?

Being Nutritious is A Great Way to Live

When I found out I was pregnant my husband and I were extremely excited, but we also had a ton of questions. The hubby and I knew the best way to make decisions for our unborn baby was to be thoroughly educated on all of our options and choices. Along with education, awareness was another trait we wanted to posses. Questions about pain management, delivery options and cord blood banking are a few of the things we made sure to get answers to so we could make informed decisions. We turned to our parents, other family members and friends for advice, tips and tricks to help ensure I was healthy, educated and had a great pregnancy experience.

In fact, I was influenced to eat a healthy diet full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber because a friend told me how great she felt during her pregnancy when she ate right. I decided I had nothing to lose by eating nutritious foods, only everything to gain. When my husband and I decided to begin our family, we made sure to find healthy alternatives to my pregnancy cravings, and I am so thankful that we did.

My pregnancy cravings consisted of sweet and salty. Sometimes all I wanted was a donut, (or three) and other times I wanted nothing more than to dig into a bag of potato chips and lick the salt off my fingers with pure happiness. However, I knew that doing that would not be good for my own health or the health of my baby. Although I would have a donut or a handful of Lay’s every now and then, I chose not to give in to these temptations and fully indulge. I decided to make healthier decisions and indulge sparingly. When I craved sweet foods I would eat fruit. Fruit is so full of vitamins and minerals, and I learned that fruit with a little chocolate hit the spot when I wanted something sweet. Chocolate covered strawberries became a fan favorite for me, and my husband! For breakfast I would have wheat toast with honey on top. Yogurt dipped raisins are also a delicious snack.

When I craved salty foods, I ate a lot of herbs. I enjoyed making vegetable pizza using a little bit of olive oil instead of sauce and cheese. I added zucchini, colorful bell peppers, onion, pineapple, and lots of herbs. I love basil, rosemary, oregano, and thyme, they all made my pizzas taste salty and delicious, without adding tons of salt. I knew I needed plenty of calcium when I was pregnant as well but I have never really liked milk. When I needed to have some calcium, I mostly ate yogurt. Sometimes I would indulge in frozen yogurt or a low-fat chocolate milkshake to satisfy my sweet tooth and my calcium needs at the same time!

I also exercised quite frequently throughout my term. I walked at night with my husband and would do 30 minutes of prenatal yoga some mornings. Since restless legs are common in pregnancy, walking in the daytime with my mom or a friend was a great idea, too. It helped to prevent me from experiencing restless legs and it helped tire me out enough to fall asleep quickly at night. I felt energized, healthy, happy, and everyone told me I had a beautiful pregnancy glow. Giving birth was not easy by any means, but because my body was already strong I felt like it went as smooth as it could have. My muscles were strong, my body was prepared, and my nutritious choices helped to make me feel less stressed and less anxious about giving birth.

I am thankful to have had the knowledge and support of my friends and family because it was not always easy to resist temptation by myself. All in all, a healthy diet and a good exercise plan helped make pregnancy a great experience for me, rather than the sluggish experience it could have been if I’d chosen to eat poorly.

Katie Moore has written and submitted this article. Katie is an active blogger who discusses the topics of, motherhood, children, fitness, health and all other things Mommy. She enjoys writing, blogging, and meeting new people! To connect with Katie contact her via her blog, Moore From Katie or her twitter, @moorekm26.

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