School House Rocks: The Constitution, an apple tradition, & moon phases.


It’s been a while since I last shared with you what we’ve been up to in my fourth grade classroom.

#vote2012Yesterday, we actually voted in a mock election for the presidential race and the results are making me wonder how they will compare to what actually happens today. The kids felt super important to be “voting”. We discussed the importance of making an educated choice when voting and the importance of using our right to vote when you turn 18. Later in the day, we were going over some writing practice for a test the kids have to take today and they had to write a focus statement to given prompts. One prompt said something about explaining something that is important to them. One of my students said, “Turning 18 is important to me.” (because he has been really into all the politics going on right now, he’s a smartie!) and another one said, “My toys are important to me.” (hmmmm….can you tell the differences in kids you can have in one classroom?!).

constitution day projectBack in September, we celebrated Constitution Day. I had mentioned it in my last School House Rocks post and the ideas I was getting from Pinterest. I ended up doing this worksheet with the kids. I did it in small groups that day, dissecting each part of The Preamble. The kids loved it! I then assigned a family project to the kids where they had to come up with their own family constitution, setting goals for their family members individually & as a whole. Finally, we broke apart some of The Amendments of our Florida Constitution by reading them & then the students illustrated & wrote about them in their own words. We hung these up for Open House as well, and the kids (that actually showed up, I had a horrible turn out this year even though at Meet the Teacher I had almost all of my students come) enjoyed sharing them with their parents.

At the end of September we had a week that was full of fun snacks. One day was using Oreos to create the moon phases while we studied The Earth’s Place in Space in science and another day was making homemade crockpot applesauce in honor of Johnny Appleseed Day.

oreo moon phases

Coming up? Our first field trip of the year to Kennedy Space Center this Friday, maybe some fall feast fun (November seems to be quickly slipping away from me before Thanksgiving break so I’m just not sure I’ll have time for this), hands-on science we’ve been doing in our missions lab at school.

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