Tucker’s 1st Pet

Mike has been dying to get the kids a pet. I, of course, have been on the opposite side of this fence.

We had a pet, long, long ago. A cute little Pomeranian named Molly. She was our pride & joy…until we had kids.

Molly now resides at my parent’s house.

But Mike would not give up on this whole pet thing.

A few night’s before Tucker’s 5th birthday, Mike asked for the one hundred millionth time, “Can we get Tucker a fish?” and when I replied, “NO!” for the one hundred millionth time, he texted my mom, “If I get Tucker a fish for his birthday, can it live at your house?”.

Well, that did it. After she agreed, as long as he’d come clean it & take care of it, I knew I needed to change my stance on this subject. I meekly agreed to a fish.

We bought the tank & all the trimmings for inside and wrapped it all up as his birthday present from us. After he opened it, we explained that we’d set it up that weekend and then take him to the pet store to pick out his very first fish.

first pet

When the weekend rolled around, we did just that. He wanted an orange fish & a pink fish. The orange fish was for himself, and the pink fish was for his sisters. Always such a good big brother.

We paid for our fish, and home we went with Bubbly & Dora, Who then changed to Boots & Dora. Who then changed to Diego & Dora. & then changed back again to Boots & Dora, right before Dora bit the big one.

first fish

We know have just Boots. I guess Dora was just not a lucky name for that $3 pink fish (compared to the $3 goldfish with three names who is still alive & well).

first fish

The newness of a fish has worn off, obviously, having a fish for a pet isn’t really like having a pet. But for now, in the mind of a five year old, it works just fine.

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