10 on 10: December 2012

My 10 on 10 never turn out quite like they are suppose to. One picture every hour for ten hours is almost impossible if it’s during the week when I’m working. & I really don’t like wasting a majority of my pictures on work anyways. I took my camera with me, but took one picture during the whole work day today & that was it.

So I had to fudge it a bit. But that’s okay with me.

 1. I blow dry my hair, do my make up, and iron my clothes all in my robe. I dress the kids & then I get dressed last, right before walking out the door.

2. It was an iced-coffee-from-McDonalds kind of morning. One) because my coffee maker broke last week. Two) my mom worked this weekend & I figured she could use the pick me up.

3. I eat this for breakfast almost every weekday.

4. Tucker isn’t usually found in my backseat on Monday afternoons, but Grandma wasn’t feeling well so he didn’t have speech class today.

5. My drive home.

6. It was Lilah’s turn at the Advent Calendar today. The kids are taking turn nicely this year.

7. We put in a call to yaya, singing her happy birthday. She made me cry because she talks a lot about the future lately & her numbered days. It makes me sad to think about, & I can’t imagine what goes through her mind, but 87 years is 31,755 days & most all of hers have been good ones. She’s a lucky lady.

8. Crafting while waiting on daddy to get home with dinner. I had him stop for rotisserie chicken & sides from Publix, because again, it was Monday. Enough said.

9. The kids sometimes eat with us, sometimes eat at their table watching t.v. I’m okay with that because it’s quiet & they are eating.

10. On my get-us-through-the-week trip to the grocery store after dinner I picked up these. Oh, the holidays can be bad, bad, bad. But in such a good, good, good way.

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3 Responses to 10 on 10: December 2012

  1. Fun 10! 🙂

    I Looooove Christmas M&Ms. Somehow they taste even better than the regular kind!
    Jacci in Ohio recently posted..making home {photo project} 4My Profile

  2. No judgement here..I let my girls sometimes watch tv while they eat dinner also 🙂 Now I want m&m’s.
    Mel @ The Larson Lingo recently posted..10 on 10 :: December 2012My Profile

  3. Holly says:

    Love your first picture…so cute!

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