Christmas cookies & crafting with cousins.

The day before Christmas Eve we had the cousins over for some cookie decorating & crafting.  The kids loved decorating cookies for Santa, with Lilah & Lexie being the ones to sit the longest. They loved spreading the icing on & loading them up with sprinkles and other goodies. Santa sure was lucky to be getting such masterpieces from the kids.

cookies & crafting


After the kids decorated cookies, I had some of those foam ornaments for them to decorate. We would dob the glue on & they would add the sequins. The picture below is Josh showing Mike where Syndey had to recently have two stitches after cutting her head open on their pool deck the other day. If you know Sydney, you know it’s pretty surprising that its taken 4 & half years for her to get her first stitches. She is Miss Clumsy!

cookies & crafting

In the afternoon, after all our cookie decorating & crafting was over, we headed out to Mike’s aunt’s house to have lunch and wait for Mike’s aunt & uncle & cousins from North Carolina to arrive. The kids loved running all over their property, feeding the birds (they have a huge aviary they built), and feeding themselves!

outside fun

outside fun

Below you see Henry, one of Mike’s cousins, cutting these loofas down from the vines. Yes, you read that right, like the loofas you buy from the store to scrub in the shower with. Who would have known that these grow as a plant on a vine. Once they die you cut them down, cut off the end, and shake the seeds out. Then you soak them in water & peel of the skin. Once the skin is off, you can bleach them and then cut them to size. I ended up doing this later that day & gave them to my mom & Tricia with some bath stuff as part of their Christmas gifts. It was pretty neat.

homemade loofas

Next up, Christmas Eve Mass, gift exchange with Mike’s family, and traditional soup open house!

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