Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we always attend Mass with Mike’s family, usually at his grandpa’s church. This year we all went to the church closest to our house, it is a little more centrally located for those of us with kids. I missed Mike’s grandpa’s church though, because they always have the kid’s choir sing, and the kids all get to come up on the alter to hear about & talk about the birth of Jesus.

After church, we headed to my sister-in-law’s house to do our gift exchange. There were a ton of presents and the kids loved everything they got. Tucker had been asking Santa for Hulk hands all December long & got them from my in-laws. He was a happy boy. Mike was a pretty happy boy with the huge rice crispy treat from his aunt & uncle, too.

hulk hands

girls presents

rice crispy

After the house was a complete mess from all of the present unwrapping, we headed next door to my sister-in-law’s in-law’s house (yes, they live next door to each other) for her traditional soup open house. She always makes clam chowder & chicken noodle soup and usually one other soup. This year it was a been & sausage number. There’s also a ton of snacky things & a table spread of desserts. It’s always really nice and a great way to relax & chat on Christmas Eve.

Once we were good & tired we showed the kids the Santa tracker on Google and luckily for us, he was just south of is in South America at the time. We told them we had to hurry home because if we weren’t all in our beds when Santa got here, he wouldn’t stop. That sealed the deal for Sydney & Tucker, they were amazed and ready for bed immediately!

Once we got home, we changed into our Christmas pjs that Steve had left us that morning, took our traditional by the Christmas tree picture before bed, and put out milk & cookies for the big guy. The kids were tucked into bed & soon after our tree was filled with goodies!

christmas eve

Up next, Christmas Day!

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