10 on 10: January

Let’s see if I can actually get a full year of 10 on 10 under my belt this year. I really do enjoy doing these, but hate when they fall on a workday, so I usually don’t follow the one-picture-every-hour rule on these days. But I do love a glimpse into our daily life each month!


One. The first three things I do when I get up is take a shower, brush my teeth, and make our bed. In that order pretty much every day, or at least every work day.

Two. Tuesdays & Thursdays are busy mornings since all three kids go to school on those days. They get dressed in our room so my floor looks like this.

Three. Reading adoption coming up (for those non-teachers out there, it means we are getting a new reading series next year. This happens with each subject every 5-6 years) so my back table is a mess while I try to test out each possible candidate.

Four & Five. Picking up the kids at my mom’s every afternoon is always different. Sometimes they are napping, sometimes they are not. Today one was napping & two were playing outside.

Six. The napping one has had a hard time transitioning back to our normal routine this week after two weeks off. She spent a good part of this week in her room in time out. If only you could hear what my house sounds like when the redhead is in time out (not quiet if that helps).

Seven. After much screaming she finally agreed to sit criss-cross applesauce (for those non-politically-correctors out there, Indian style.) for three minutes in silence. At about a 1:15 left she did speak to tell me she had to go potty. I paused the time, took her to the bathroom, and then she sat the last minute in silence again. This is a big step for her (one I hope made a difference in the long run for us).

Eight. Trying to make dinner while six & seven were taking place.

Nine. How I felt by the end of the night.

Ten. What my bed looks like everyday after step three of my morning routine takes place. This is my little slice of Heaven.

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8 Responses to 10 on 10: January

  1. Mirys says:

    Great set! Love the details…
    Simply inspiring.!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil – but participating!)
    Mirys recently posted..{1 + 1 = 6} A nova saga!!! (Diário da Mirys)My Profile

  2. elzimmy says:

    Not to sound weird or anything, but your bed really does look super inviting. I think you’ve inspired me to go back to all white bedding with some cool accent pillows. 🙂
    elzimmy recently posted..Lesson LearnedMy Profile

    • Haha, I meant to comment back to you right away but you know how that goes sometimes. Your comment made me laugh out loud! I don’t think you sound weird, I think it looks super inviting, too! I love the switch I made to white bedding & accent pillows this year! I don’t think I’ll ever have another kind of bedding other than white again!
      TwinkieTotMom recently posted..Of leisurely style.My Profile

  3. Kathleen says:

    Cute! Your room looks so cozy 🙂
    Kathleen recently posted..Ten on TenMy Profile

  4. karen says:

    Loved your pictures! I had fun checking out your day and getting a little glimpse in it! Everyone’s is so different and unique to them!
    karen recently posted..ten on tenMy Profile

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