Our weekend with Erwin.

On Friday, Tucker had a special friend come home with him to spend the weekend with us. His class pet, Erwin the Frog, to be exact. Tucker has been dying for it to be his turn to bring Erwin home and it happened at the perfect time (Tucker fell & hurt himself at school that afternoon and this definitely made his boo-boo much better).


Tucker & Erwin, all changed into our pjs the minute we got home, it was quite a busy week back to our normal routine & downtime on Friday night was just what we needed.


Tucker showing off his boo-boo.


Tucker took Erwin on a tour of the house, including showing him his pet fish, Boots.


Then we made up some pizza & ate it in the living room while we watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. It was a perfect family movie night with Erwin in toe.


On Saturday, Paps & Nana came by, on the motorcycle, and thought Erwin might want to test it out himself. Tucker told me today that when he got to share Erwin’s journal (with pictures we printed out in it) that the boys all loved the picture of Erwin on the motorcycle!


Saturday evening we spent it celebrating great grandpa’s birthday. This was the best picture I could get of Erwin with great grandpa & Tucker. But I do love the picture below of all the kids helping grandpa blow out his birthday candles.


Oh, & I forgot to share this. When I told Mike on the phone Friday afternoon that Tucker got to bring the class frog home for the weekend, Mike’s exact words were, “Oh geez, I hope I don’t kill it!” Haha! I totally had him fooled it was a real one (& he hates frogs). Imagine his relief when I told him it was fake!

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  1. elzimmy says:

    Looks like Erwin had a great time! We did that when my 6th grader was in 4th grade, with a class monkey named Mrs. Bananas. Unfortunately, Mrs. Bananas looked a little like one of the witch’s monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, so I would have much rather carried around and took pictures of a frog, lol.
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