Project 365: Week 1

Not that I don’t take enough pictures as is (in 2012 I took a total of 7,714 pictures not including those from my phone) but this year I’ve decided to do the 1 picture every day for 365 days thing. I’m going to use the monthly photo-a-day prompts from instagram, so here’s week one of my project 365.

365 week 1.1

1. Today.  Lots of playing, eating, and relaxing to start of twenty-thirteen.

2. Something new. 2013: the year of curly hair.

3. Heart. This boy stole my  heart like no other just over five years ago.

4. The view from here. The last night these lights will be part of my view from here.

5. Movement. These trains are always moving. Tucker loves his trains.

6. Mine. This little blog o’ mine turned three! (check out the GIVEAWAY!)

7. Street. The street heading to my school is kinda pretty.

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