10 on 10: February

Do you want to know how giddy I get when the 10th falls on the weekend? I love that I don’t have to document my classroom for the day. Mike had to work today, so it was just me & the kids. We spent the morning being lazy, eventually ran to the grocery store, and ended the day with cookies & no naps (well, no naps for two out of three kids). Even though Mike wasn’t here today, I’d say it was a pretty nice Sunday.


One. After they wake up at 5 am (and stay in their room until at least 6) they usually grab their phones (which are really iPod Touches…yes, we are okay being parents who let our kids use electronic devices from time-to-time) and take a few more minutes to wake up.


Two. & the minute they are awake enough to ask, the first thing they want is dry cereal & milk.


Three. A cup of coffee, a little blogging, and catching up on Army Wives on Netflix. I use to watch Army Wives back when it first came on, lost track eventually, but picked up on it again on Netflix. I just got through the season where Jeremy Sherwood dies. You don’t want to know how much toilet paper I went through watching that episode.


Four. Grocery shopping with three kids, by myself. I totally felt like a winner after I got through a week worth of shopping in under an hour, especially when I woman went in just before us, left just after us, carrying two not-even-full bags. I must have some pretty good shopping skills.


Five. My favorite thing to do after putting away the groceries is to wash the fruit & prepare it for the week. I always take the grapes off the stems and cut the stems off the strawberries and put both away in containers. They seem to last longer for us that way and make it much easier to serve when the kids want to eat.


Six. Seeing as we grocery shopped right before lunch, the kids & I picked out Lunchables to have when we got home. Yup, I picked one out, too. These little pizzas still seem to hit the spot from time to time. Don’t judge.


Seven. The only one who napped in this house this afternoon. Man, when did this boy get so big? I love sneaking a peek of him while he sleeps, because he always looks just a wee bit younger still when he’s sleeping.


Eight. I may have tried to sneak in a nap while the girls were not napping. Tried being the key word. This blanket though? From Ikea & my favorite!


Nine. Why not celebrate no naps with homemade chocolate chip cookies!? I’ve been eyeing a recipe on Pinterest for a few days & finally decided I had the courage to mess up the kitchen. Sometimes I put off baking because of the aftermath. They were worth the mess.


Ten. This is what a girl who doesn’t nap & can’t wait patiently for baking cookies looks like. She was hiding from me. Lexie on the other hand? Passed out cold on her favorite chair in the playroom. That girl cannot miss a nap.

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  1. Katie says:

    Nice Scooby Mug!
    Katie recently posted..Ten on TenMy Profile

  2. Kathleen says:

    Looks like a great day, your kids are precious.
    Kathleen recently posted..Ten on TenMy Profile

  3. marla says:

    love the kids piled on the couch together!
    marla recently posted..Ten on Ten >> FebruaryMy Profile

  4. Angie says:

    Sounds like a fun day. Ive been wanting to do this but always forget!!! I gotta add it on my calendar or something! Have a great week.
    Angie recently posted..Scribbles!My Profile

  5. Great shots, Sounds like you had a pretty good day- love the shot of the grocery shopping

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