It’s the little things.

I never thought about sharing this before, but it’s one of those things that you randomly tell someone about & they find it such a good idea that you figure you should tell others.

When I was pregnant with Tucker, my mom gave me my baby book & calendar. Most people get the idea of the baby book & do them, but I’m not so sure as many people do a calendar. I actually kept a calendar when I was pregnant with Tucker, tracking my appointments, when I felt him kick, and so on that eventually led to his first year calendar. I tried to keep track of as many “firsts” in it as possible and anything I thought was worth remembering.

When the girls were born though, the calendar took on a whole new meaning. I ended up using the calendar daily to track their weight, how much they ate, what they oxygen levels were, and so on. All of the little (but big!) details that revolve around NICU life was written down in their calendars each night after we’d get home from the NICU.


The calendar continued once they came home, through their first year, just written in a little more sporadically. I keep them now in my nightstand and pull them out from time to time to read through them and reminisce.

As Meagan commented, when I shared the calendars on Instagram with a fellow momma of twins who just delivered early, “What a great idea. For every stage in their lives. It’s the tiny daily things I don’t want to forget when they are grown.” How true that is.

Luckily, I found blogging while the girls were in the NICU & started mine shortly after they came home, so documenting those little things is part of what they blog is all about for me. But the calendars? Something I will always cherish & one day pass down to them when they are expecting little babes of their own.

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