Mike’s Birthday: a recap.

If I had to be the one to say, I think Mike had a pretty great 29th birthday. It is blowing my mind a little that we are just a year away (well, for me a year & nine months) from being in our thirties. I know, I know, still such babies.

The night before Mike’s birthday, Tucker and I surprised him (or tried to at least, I had to spoil the surprise Friday afternoon when Mike texted me saying he might have to work late) with tickets to a Solar Bears ice hockey game. This was Tucker’s first game (we had the girls stay the night with Mike’s parents) and our first time being at the new Amway Center.

We had a blast, the 20 minutes periods (with two 18 minute intermissions for us to walk around) were just enough time to keep Tucker engrossed in the game, and the Solar Bears won 3-2!

blog pictures8

On Saturday, we picked up the girls from my in-laws & headed to a birthday party for our friend’s son Cooper. He turns two tomorrow & had a Dinosaur themed party. His mom is super woman when it comes to party planning & it was a roarin’ good time for all!

Once we got home, the kids went down for naps & I started baking.



& creating these little guys.


And when the kids woke up, they decorated the wrapping paper on daddy’s gift. I had forgot to get wrapping paper for the party we went to earlier that day & decided to have Tucker create it using the big craft paper we have from Ikea. It turned out so good that I think I’ll be doing this from now on (I had actually debated it at Christmas & never got around to it, guess what our wrapping will look like this year?!).




& by the time all the family arrived, I took about two pictures. The ones you see below. Once all five kids get together, running all over the house, and the adults start talking, I forget about picture taking. I had also forgotten candles for Mike’s cupcakes so I improvised with a sparkler, only after realizing he wouldn’t really be able to blow it out. Ha!


If you’re wondering about this gift? A toaster for hotdogs & buns. It cooks the winnies & warms the buns. My parents got it for him and it is a total Mike gift. He loved it & can’t wait to try it out!


Happy almost-30 to one special guy!

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  1. Laura says:

    Super cute! Looks like you guys had a blast. Wonderful pictures by the way.

  2. Katherine says:

    I know what paper I’ll be using for wrapping presents from now on!

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