Not just another day.

I kinda dislike all those Valentines Day haters out there who say silly things like, “Don’t  show your loved ones you love them on this day alone, show them you love them every day” or “it’s just another greeting card holiday”.

I guess when you have kids, and they get excited over these fun little holidays, you enjoy them more than some. I don’t have to have a special day for me to tell the people around me I love them, but I don’t see them harm in having one either.

Not only are my own kids excited for days like today, but my students are too (sometimes that’s not the greatest of things, like when 20 rambunctious 4th graders come in at 8:30 bouncing off the walls already). & I was just a little more excited about today than past Valentines Days because Mike and I actually get a date night. I don’t think we’ve had a date night on Valentines Day since before kids, so at least six years ago.

Hey, it’s the little things, even if it is only because it’s a greeting card holiday.

Here’s a peek at how our day of love was spent thus far…


Tucker’s class had their Valentines exchange yesterday actually (his teacher was out today) so this photo was of my little stud man from them. He’s going to be a heartbreaker with the ladies one day, I’m sure of it.


Last night I decorated wrapping paper for the kiddos little Valentines Day goodies. Gotta love grown up coloring.


My girlies & I matching today.


Teaching my fourth graders life skills today, you know, like how to make a paper heart. These kids have NO clue on how to make a proper Valentine. I’m so glad I decided to throw out Daily 5 today & let them do something “fun” (God-forbid!).


4th graders really know how to show you love. I think because they are old enough to tell their parents, “Mom, I want to buy my teacher a present for Valentines Day” and keep bugging said parents until they give in. I’ve never had a haul like this until I started teaching 4th grade! However, it’s totally not about the gifts. I had a student make me a Valentine today when we were crafting that said “You are the best teacher in the whole world!” and she proceeded to draw the world, with Florida, and drew and arrow to FL and labeled it “the best teacher”. I meant to take a picture, but you know, it was one of those days & I forgot.


My husband never sends me flowers, let alone to work (I think if he’s ever done something like this it was maybe one time). He texted me towards the end of the day to ask if I had gotten anything. My reply, “Nope.” Lucky for him, they came not long after that. See his message?! If I must…

We are off to dinner now (I think, we can’t really decide where to go, I’m sure it will be crazy busy) and lucky for me, I get to sleep in tomorrow since we don’t have the kids tonight (I’m off for Rodeo Day) but poor Mike has to work. Happy Valentines Day!

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