A little good reading.

If there’s one thing I’ve accomplished over this uneventful spring break, it’s a little good reading.

Okay, this spring break hasn’t been completely uneventful, but it certainly isn’t one for the record books. We didn’t do anything super fun or exciting & a little case of the sickies managed to make its appearance so that definitely leaves this spring break out of the running for top billing.


I stumbled upon goodreads through a few other blogging momma’s and decided to try it out. I love the fact that I can catalog all the books I’ve read and books I want to read. I’m still working on the “read” bookshelf (there are so many books over the years that I’m sure I’ve forgotten about, I will stumble upon a book title or author and go “oh ya, I read that book!” and pull the app up and add it to my “read” bookshelf).

I’m trying to decide on a goal for 2013, how many books I want to read, because it has a fun book challenge where you can track the books you’ve read compared to you goal and it gives you a percentage of how far or behind you are in it. I think I’m going to do 52 books. I figure one for every week, an even though the year has begun and I haven’t been reading a book a week (until just recently) it will push me to catch up.

Do you use goodreads? Oh ya, that’s the other component about it I like. You can search friends and see what they’ve read or are wanting to read to get more ideas! If you don’t, you should really try it out!

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