My number one.

DSC_0643-001When you have your first child, your world begins and ends with them. Then you decide to add to your family and you wonder how you can ever love another as much as you love your first child, how you can share the love you have for one with two (or more in our case!) and then your second (and third) child is born and you just do.

It happens, your heart expands and you love all three of your children more than you can imagine.

But, I’ve realized over time that you love each one in their own unique way. & the way I love Tucker? He’s my number one. His special place in my heart is because he is the one who made me a mother.


When Tucker was first born, I would tease Mike that his place as my main man had been replaced by another. Tucker is my little man and the funny thing is, he’s become his sister’s little man as well. He is such a good big brother and I just know he is always going to take care of those two. When we found out I was pregnant with twins, I was so worried as to how Tucker was going to handle it & he has amazed me everyday since their birth. Right from the start he took his role as big brother very seriously.

I look at Tucker at least once a day & wonder where my baby went. There are times when I remember what those first days, weeks, & months were like learning to be his momma. Swaddling & changing & rocking to sleep. Learning what each cry meant and how to make sure his needs were being met. Then a year passed and we survived and he had survived, a big accomplishment in any parents book. And now? Almost six years have passed and I sometimes don’t know what to do with myself & an almost six year old! 

I love Tucker because he was the one who changed us, who started this family, and he certainly is one that will love his family until the very end.

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