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DSC_0897I was going to do a ‘Friday Randoms’ post yesterday & just never got around to it.

Mike & my dad were up early this morning to head to my uncle’s house on the coast to help with a few projects. Tucker talked himself into the trip and couldn’t be more excited about being with the boys today. It was around this age when my brother and/or I would tag along with my dad any time he went to a relatives house to help with projects (my dad is the handy one in the family and Mike is just like him). I loaded Tucker up with a bag of goodies, things to keep him entertained and some food & drinks for that belly of his. I warned him that this is his one shot at starting to be one of the guys, so he needs to do what they do & not whine or complain. He was more than eager to comply. I know he’s going to have a blast today.

DSC_0879That leaves me & the girls together today. I should really stay home and do some laundry, but it’s really gorgeous out. I’m thinking we might do a little shopping instead. Mostly window shopping, because there isn’t really anything we need right now. I think I might look at Easter outfits, I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to make the girls’ dresses this year (I’ve made their Easter outfits and pretty much any holiday outfit for the past two years now)or buy them. I just really haven’t had the urge to sew lately.

My little brother turns 23 tomorrow. How is it he’s catching up to me in age?! We are going to celebrate this evening once the boys are back in town & Alex and Tricia get off work. You know my kids love a good party & any excuse to celebrate so they are excited to be celebrating Uncle Alex today.

DSC_0902I think a little leprechaun will be visiting our house tonight. I wonder what mischief he’ll get into. The kids will be super surprised because I haven’t mentioned at all the fact the leprechaun might make an appearance here. It messed up Tucker’s classroom at school (I don’t think it visited the girls’ room) and he was so excited to tell me about it.

Spring break is just one week away & I could not be more ready for it. We have a whole lot of nothing planned. Well, except that we plan to do a little staycation at a local hotel the first weekend of spring break. The kids don’t know and will love it.

Got the girls these cute shoes last night. Oh my, I want a pair myself! Mike got matching sneakers to the ones we got Tucker not too long ago. Tucker thinks it’s great (and so does Mike. Gosh, I love those two). & I might have gotten a new pair of sandals as well. I guess it was ‘family shoe shopping night’ at Target & we didn’t even know.

Okay. Off to run some errands with the girls and enjoy this beautiful day I spoke of! Happy Saturday!

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  1. I found your blog on Facebook when I posted mine on Sugar and Dots status. I am excited to follow you now. Your family is so cute and I love your blogging style! I also love the staycation idea in a hotel for spring break! Growing up Hotels were the coolest thing ever…I am sure your kiddos will love it and I hopefully will remember the idea when my baby is grown!
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