The easy one.

Where to even begin when it comes to Lexie. I’m sure you are thinking, “Poor Lexie, she got picked last.” But like the title says, she is the one we consider our easy one.

DSC_0640It wasn’t always the case though (and it really isn’t what we always say about her now either). In the beginning, Lexie gave us the biggest scare. She had to be on a CPAP (something more than just a cannula for oxygen, it pushes air pressure into the lungs to expand them) and was given extra surfactant (a medicine that is also used to open the lungs up) right after birth. She was the weaker of the two at first & then just days later it all changed. Lilah took over needing extra attention (as she still demands today) and Lexie became “our easy one”

She ate when she was suppose to & how she was suppose to. She gained the weight, she slept, she didn’t cry often. She got off oxygen all together, and then got off the main monitors before discharge, too. We thought we might even bring her home before her sister because she was doing so well. & once they finally did come home (& together) Lexie continued to make things easy for us.

When it came to crawling & walking & talking & potty training, she did it all when & how the normal baby does it all. She was even the only one of my three kids to not have reflux issues & go through bibs like they were going out of style. I’m telling you, if all people were guaranteed babies like Lexie, everyone would have at least six babies, if not more.

DSC_0186-001She really continues to be quite easy though (now, I won’t lie, she does give us a little teenager-esque attitude from time to time in this terrible three-ers stage). She is our soft spoken, silly, t.v. loving girl. She would prefer to be indoors rather than outdoors six out of seven days a week and I honestly can already see what our days will be like when she’s a teenager (imagine pounding fists on bedroom doors while she snoozes away until the wee hours of the afternoon every weekend…not that I know what that’s like?!).

And when I say silly?! I mean silly. Sometimes she scares us with how ditzy silly she can be. Don’t get me wrong, she amazes us with the smart things that she says because she is really smart, but the common sense is not always there with this one. But that, totally makes you love her cute little smiling face even more.

Of my three kids, she is the one who will surprise me in her choice of career & lifestyle I’m sure because she likes so many things & is open to everything. She is my free spirit and brings that whimsical energy into our little family and as much as it drives my type-A personality crazy sometimes, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

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