The second day.

Seeing as we spent all day yesterday at home, in our pjs, today we are going to get out.

The kids actually were so good at entertaining themselves yesterday. They played all day long, most of it was them pretending to be teachers or super heroes or ballerinas (Tucker wasn’t a ballerina, I promise). & while they played I got a lot of projects done around the house (and those I do promise to share soon) and a lot of laundry caught up on (all of the kids laundry is done and I’m working my way through ours).

It’s a chilly spring break here in Florida, today’s high is forecasted at 64 degrees (I know, I know, nowhere near what the snow-ridden states are feeling, but still cold for our standards this time of year) so it will be a great day to get out & enjoy the weather. I’m not sure what we will do or where we will go, but getting the kids Easter outfits together is something I need to accomplish at some point. We’ll see if the kids let me actually do that while they are with me though.

I think I might surprise Tucker tonight by taking him to see The Croods. I’ve heard it was really good and have been wanting to go on a just me & Tucker date again for sometime. Last week Mike got to take the girls out one evening (Tucker’s poor behavior for my mom for a few days was one of the reasons, but he’s been really good these last few days so I think he deserves some fun of his own) and getting that one/one time with them is important to us.

P.S. If you notice some wonky stuff going on with the ol’ blog right now, please excuse it. There was some server issues yesterday & I’m hoping its all squared away now.

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