& the third.

Day one was a blissfully lazy day at home in pjs by choice.

Day two was out & about, shopping & errands, a little movie night with my favorite boy.

Day three? Home again, pjs all day, not by choice. A sick kiddo, of course. How is it that every break seems to have sickness invade at some point?

We had plans to go to story time and possibly the park, enjoy some fresh air. Lilah was up off & on all night (not uncommon for her from time to time), was particularly quiet (very uncommon for her) on a facetime call to my parents, and then it started.


The sick eyes, constantly wanting me to wipe her nose, and then “my mouth hurts”. She claims this from time to time. We think it might be a reflux thing (she dealt with reflux as a baby). I laid in bed with her most of the day. Getting up only to make food for the kids, luckily the other two content with entertaining each other. She has been irritable and restless as she tried to nap. Right now though? All three kids playing Easter, hiding eggs for each other and taking turns finding them.

I’m hoping this is just a 24 hour bug of some sort and tomorrow we can resume our regular scheduled edition of spring break.

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    Cute blog & cute family!!!


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