10 on 10: April & other ramblings.

If you’ve been here before for 10 on 10, then you know I hate when it falls during the work week. Taking pictures in my classroom all day is just not as fun as taking them of us enjoying our weekends or during summer when the kids & I find little adventures to keep us busy.

Lucky for you, the afternoon got busy and I ended up falling behind and having to catch up once I was off work. & there’s a whole story I have to share that is told in what you don’t see in these pictures, too.


One. Getting ready for school & trying curls on my short do for the first time since I got it cut.


Two. This place still feels like home. Pulling into Nan’s a little later than usual this morning because we were running behind schedule.


Three. Doing a little FCAT prep while the kids do their morning opener.


Four. A little more FCAT prep with one on one math catch up during reading groups. Hey, you do what you gotta do when the test is a week away.


Five. My student’s new favorite at recess is cops & robbers.


Six. On my way to pick up the kiddos & way behind on my 10 on 10.


Seven. Only a Nana would have a junk drawer dedicated just to kid’s junk!


Eight. Tucker was doing a snake search. He thinks it’s required after daddy found a garden snake in the house yesterday.


Nine. Looking for daddy in their swim suits, washing cars & playing in the sprinkler kind of night.


Ten. They don’t often take a bath together all three anymore.

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Okay. So onto my story. I didn’t get to enjoy the time spent outside this evening. It started out that I was going to vacuum the floors, head outside to join them, and then mop the floors after the kids were in bed. & then it quickly changed.

Do you ever feel like your life runs similar to the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”? Well, I feel like that all the time & tonight is the perfect example. Before I even got near the vacuum, I looked at the floors & then at the house surrounding them and thought to myself, “Okay, I better just do a quick clean”. Well, that led to me cleaning bathrooms, which led to me dusting furniture, which led to me finally vacuuming the floors.

Then Mike came in with the kids and I was in full on clean mode, so I started mopping floors while he was giving them their bath. That led to me starting a load of bathroom rugs. Then, as I put the vacuum back in the garage I noticed what a mess it was (don’t get me started on the garage. It’s a big argument starter between Mike & I, tonight being no exception). I mentioned to him how much I despise the messy garage, to which he replies, “I’ll work on it tomorrow.” & that just got me.

I threw my shoes on & headed out to the garage to pick up. In 20 minutes I was able to clean off his workbench, empty the recycles bin & pick up any random garbage lying around. I organized the kid’s outdoor toys a little and put the two big bags of charcoal he just bought away and ended by sweeping the garage out. 20 minutes, people!!! How hard is that?!

Then I came inside and headed for a shower. Which means I clean myself while I clean it when I’m in clean mode, which finally led to the end of my “If you give a….” story. As I bent down to scrub around the shower drain, noticed a chip in my toe nail polish, thus meaning I must paint my toes tonight! & if I start that, who knows what I’m liable to do afterwards!?

Please tell me this happens to you all the time, too?! I think it’s just something that comes with being a wife & mother & happy homemaker. Lucky us!

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  1. Yes!!!! That happens to me ALLLLL the time. I swear I am parially ADD, and get so distracted trying to clean/do one thing and I end up doing more than I originally planned. You are not alone.
    And, your hair cut is cute!!
    Mel @ The Larson Lingo recently posted..10 on 10 :: April 2013My Profile

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me, Mel! My friend said she read this post and was going to call me to ask if all husbands were made from the same cloth because her garage is a mess & her husband bought the same charcoal that was on sale last week and left it just sitting in the middle of everything, too! Ha!
      TwinkieTotMom recently posted..A recipe for the best meat ever.My Profile

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